cheap Michael Kors Selma bags Fake VS Real Comparison

if you look at this one big difference you see the difference see that here’s,
the real one here’s the fake one,
so again they put like a little piece of foam in there but not a good quality.


cheap mk bags Fake VS Real Comparison

let’s talk about hardware real quick on the zipper for the Michael Kors the real,
one you have the Michael Kors tab,right it’s a beautiful beautiful zipper
not sure what brand I’m not sure what kind of zipper,
the zipper obviously is not the same color right,
this one has that gold michael kors, this one is a navy blue michael kors bags and the tab says MK,on it instead of having the Michael Kors arm form name.


you can hear the difference in sound,that is not definitely that’s a dead giveaway right there, if you have cheap Michael Kors bags, that has an MK like this instead of this tab that would be a thick all right.

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